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Professional feeling piece of engineering

  • Performance: 5
  • Exterior: 5
  • Interior: 5
  • Safely: 4
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Pros: The safety features, insanely awesome price, easy clean up.

Cons: I'm always wanting slightly longer cords as I only have one powerpoint.

Now I understand why people are so attached to their thermo machines! Thanks Kogan for making this available to those who don't have $1800. Yes, agreed: the manual needs revision but I decided on carefully reading it along with going on my own discovery tour. The machine is engineered very professionally so there was no way I would have ditched the manual which has all the safety instructions- such as which speed to use the blade guard and mixing tool with. This item was bought to replace a... Read more

Reviewer: adroot | Added: 2012-12-25 06:01:04 | useful review? yes 2 / no 0

I am lost.

  • Performance: 5
  • Exterior: 5
  • Interior: 5
  • Safely: 4
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Pros: Looks interesting

Cons: Can not be used without a recepit book.

I just received my Thermobled and yes it looks nice and have lots of attachements but God help you to use it no books at all and no recepies also. After I dowloaded the book I was still confused. It shows on the box that you can do this and that but it doesn't tell you how. The only part you can use is the blender and I have one allready so this machine will go back. I might purchase it again when they will tell me what to do with it as I do not have time and money to waist on trying whatever comes in my head. Purchased at: Kogan

Reviewer: adroot | Added: 2013-01-09 06:01:11 | useful review? yes 0 / no 0

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